What We Do

We developed next generation My24X7Doctor™ unique healthcare platform that does the entire body health digital transformation [Digital Me] having computer brain to analyze human health conditions for prevention and cure. The system monitors health conditions such as Diabetes, Lipid Profile, Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Lungs, Blood Count, Thyroid, Vitamin Deficiencies and much more. The system is accessible via Mobile App to all the citizens to provide knowledge base, health notifications, video consultation, personal health records, medication list, health trending and predictions. Our technology platform is available via web portal to the healthcare stakeholders such as Insurance Companies, Employers, Doctors in Clinics and Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home Care, Test Labs, Schools, Universities, Healing Centers, Gyms, and other related healthcare providers for their informed decision-making process. The system provides 24X7 connection to private doctor anywhere for video consultation with readily available individual health chart. The platform promotes wellness providing health vouchers, reward points, gym membership offered by Insurance Companies and other healthcare stakeholders.


We provide E2E turn-key solution for all healthcare sectors.

Mobile Application

Our app connects citizens with doctors 24x7 and provides essential health alerts to keep you informed and proactive about your well-being. With MY24x7Doctor, you can take control of your health like never before, gaining instant access to experts advice and timely health notifications right at your fingertips.

Web Portal

Our platform serves as a bridge between doctors and citizens, promoting open communication and easy accessibility. Through our user-friendly portal, doctors can reach out to their patients for video consultation, schedule appointments, and address queries promptly with readily available patient charts with medical history, medication list and vitals.

Reporting Engine

We provide decision support solution to our clients such as insurance companies and employers. They can get flexible user friendly reports regarding their policy holders and employees respectively regarding their health conditions to make inform decision for prevention and cure


We provide turnkey solutions to our clients through our services that includes implementation, training, cyber security, IT infrastructure services, work flow automation, IT Hardware related to our projects.

Our Technology Modules

My24X7Doctor™ technology platform empowers the citizens to transform healthcare eco-system at multiple healthcare levels with personal health records to make informed decisions.

Video Conference


Health Alert




Health Reporting


Payment Gateway




Medical Tourism

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